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9 Pics That Prove Snow Leopards Love Biting Their Tails (For Some Adorable Reason)

It’s No Secret At All, Snow Leopards Are Absolutely Adorable

Some of the most stunning cats on the planet, snow leopards are mysterious, intriguing, and in a weird way… almost sexy. The way they move is so sleek and confident. And the way they look at you tells you they know they could dominate you with a single swipe of a paw. In addition to all of that badassery, snow leopards love biting their tails.

And did you know that they have some of the best camouflage on the planet?

Beyond being stunningly gorgeous and cunningly graceful, they also happen to be really heckin’ cute too. You should see some of the cool things they do to pass their time… like bite their own tails. You can’t make this stuff up.

They’re Basically Massive Stuffed Animals With Massive Fluffy Tails

snow leopard camouflage
Image: @riku_0710 on Instagram

Despite the fact that they look like they could eat you alive and not blink an eye, snow leopards are also unbearably adorable. They look like the fluffiest of stuffed animals – you know, the expensive ones with the fur that actually feels like fur, not that cheap, synthetic stuff.

The fur of the snow leopard, in fact, is one of its most fascinating traits. They possess some of the most incredible coats on the planet. Because of the fact that they live in extremely cold temperatures, their fur needs to rise to the occasion. Hence, their fluffiest of fluffy coats… and fluffy tails.

The tail of the snow leopard is also long and heavy to help them balance. In fact, their tails are almost as long as they are!

The snow leopard’s big fluffy tails also help to keep them warm in all that cold. They literally wrap it around themselves like a scarf.

Why Do Snow Leopards Love ‘Biting’ Their Tails?

snow leopard biting tail
Image: @carla_grace_art on Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered: “Why do snow leopards carry their tails?” you’re not the only one.

It’s even a thing on the internet!

It’s normal to think that there is some scientific reason why snow leopards bite their tails. There are so many details to this cat, after all, which are explained by their adaptation to super cold environments.

However, because snow leopards are very similar to domesticated cats in a lot of ways, they may simply just love playing with their tails. There are some guesses that it can relieve stress, which would explain why there are so many pictures of snow leopards biting their tails.

However, consensus in the scientific community remains: it seems snow leopards like biting their tails because… they just do. Call it enjoyment. Or you can call it part of their cutest cat image.

Snow leopards seem to get enjoyment out of biting or carrying their tail in their mouth because it’s something to play with. End of the cute, cuddly story.

  1. Ready to pounce?

This big cat looks equal parts intimidating and adorable. Like, I’m scared but I also want to give pats.

snow leopards love biting their tails
Image: @archillect on Instagram

2. Chomp of floof

Let’s not call attention to the obvious fact that this cat should NOT be behind a cage, and assume that it’s in protection. That aside, this is a legendary tail chomp.

snow leopards love biting their tails
Image: Imgur.com

3. Alert chomp

What i love about this cat is how serious it looks, while also sporting a fluffy tail in its mouth. You can’t take yourself too seriously, folks.

snow leopards love biting their tails
Image: @theweaselking on Photobucket

4. Baby tail chomp.

Not only do snow leopards love biting their own tails, but baby snow leopards will also bite their mom’s tail. Cutest thing ever? Yup.

snow leopards love biting their tails
Image: www.animalphotography.ch

5. The tail chomp in art culture

So popular is the tail carrying that artists will often capture it in their illustrations and paintings.

snow leopards love biting their tails
Image: @burrito.ergo.sum on Instagram

6. Damp tail chomp

This cat could easily be carrying its tail to keep it dry while walking through the water. Although… it looks kinda wet.

snow leopards love biting their tails
Image: @ruri_raphael on Instagram

7. Cunning tail biter

Staring at prey. Looking intimidating. Waiting to pounce. Biting tail.

snow leopards love biting their tails
Image: @ruri_raphael on Instagram

8. Side eye tail chomp

This cat is doubting something. It looks unsure of itself. Maybe biting tail will help with decisiveness.

snow leopard biting tail
Image: @archillect on Instagram

9. Painted tail chomp

Yet another artist’s rendition of the beloved tail chomp. She captures the floof so well!

snow leopard biting tail
Image: @carla_grace_art on Instagram

We hope your day is complete now that you know why snow leopards carry and bite their own tails. They’re so cool and adorable they probably just do it ‘cuz they want to.

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