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So Long, #Augtober!

If there’s one thing that unites us as Canadians, it’s our love of complaining about the weather. “Hot enough for ya??” “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” and “I’m sweating my b*lls off here” are all expressions you’d normally hear around Toronto in the summer. But NOT in 2014.

Laying on the beach and freezing your nips off = NOT SUMMER. Going for a bike ride and feeling like you need gloves = NOT SUMMER. Having goosebumps for no reason = well, you get the picture.


Some of the city’s best festivals ended up a soggy mess. Half of Field Trip was cold and wet, Luminato had a cardboard beach that started to wilt, and Time Festival made a lot of people angry when they wouldn’t allow umbrellas, insisting on ponchos instead.

We barely made it through the winter of the “Polar Vortex,” only to be treated to what could be a record-setting cold/bad summer. According to the Weather Network, “If Toronto’s Pearson International Airport weather station doesn’t hit 30.0ºC before the end of August this will be the first consecutive July and August that Pearson has not hit 30.0ºC+ since records began at Pearson in 1938.” This was almost the case, until the “one heat wonder” struck Ontario.

So, it was pretty much the WORST SUMMER in 76 YEARS! Don’t you feel justified knowing that through all of your whining YOU WERE RIGHT?

Today is the first day back to school, a symbolic day that marks the beginning of fall (although technically still summer), and yet it feels like a muggy summer day. Could this be Septgust?

(Main Image: Luminato Festival)

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