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Soccer Mommy shares Simlish version of ‘Shotgun’

Soccer Mommy has shared a new Simlish version of her Sometimes, Forever track, “Shotgun.”

The track is set to appear in the new Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack, which users can purchase now. While the original version is called “Shotgun,” this new Simlish version is called “shootbleng.” The track still boasts its infectious soundtrack, but it now features some gibberish lyrics. Alongside the track, there’s a music video from Veronica Kocy. In the clip, a Sims-version of Sophie Allison strums on her signature purple guitar.

“Can’t believe u can hear shootbleng (aka shotgun) in sims now,” Soccer Mommy writes. “My life has truly come full circle.”

Watch the video for “shootbleng,” the Simlish version of “Shotgun,” below.

Soccer Mommy’s recent album, Sometimes, Forever is partially inspired by the push and pull between desiring to make art that’s meaningful, while also pursuing it as a career. The album sees Soccer Mommy cementing her signature sound. Drawing on the past with a modern experimental twist, this album is packed with some melancholic anthems.

Soccer Mommy isn’t the only artist to sing a song in Simlish as of late. In fact, Japanese Breakfast, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker have all sang songs in the fictional Sims language.

In June of last year, Japanese Breakfast sang a new version of “Be Sweet” for The Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion pack. Just one month later, Lucy Dacus sang a Simlish version of her Home Video tune, “Hot & Heavy,” while Julien Baker sang a new version of her Little Oblivions ballad, “Faith Healer.”

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