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Soccer Mommy’s new album ‘Sometimes, Forever’ is all about feeling a ‘tidal wave’ of emotions

Sophie Allison is back with her new album as Soccer Mommy, Sometimes, Forever.

The album closer, “Still,” serves as a sort of thesis of the album, as Soccer Mommy sings the lines, “I don’t know how to feel things small/ It’s a tidal wave or nothing at all.” Throughout the 11 tracks of Sometimes, Forever, Soccer Mommy sings of these extreme highs and lows, sketching them out in vulnerable lyrics and grand melodies.

This album is also Soccer Mommy’s most seasoned to date, with a finessed, gritty production that you won’t find on her previous DIY recordings. This is because Allison teamed up with producer and composer Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), who offered up his distinctive eerie twist to the record.

Stream Sometimes, Forever below.

Serving as the follow-up to Color Theory, the album sees Soccer Mommy cementing her signature sound. Drawing on the past with a modern experimental twist, this album is packed with some melancholic anthems.

The record is partially inspired by the push and pull between desiring to make art that’s meaningful, while also pursuing it as a career.

Sometimes, Forever features previously released singles “newdemo,” “Bones,” “Unholy Affliction,” and “Shotgun.”

Steeped in early-2000s pop rock, the new album also contains nods to the synthy sounds of new wave and goth. Allison continues to prove her ability to craft striking melodies supported by her poignant lyricism.

The album’s title refers to the cyclical nature of good and bad feelings.

“Sorrow and emptiness will pass, but they will always come back around — as will joy,” Sophie says. “At some point you’re forced to say, I’ll have to take both.”

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