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Somebody Carved a Gummi Venus de Milo à la Simpsons

Artist Katy Hargrove took it upon herself to bring a Simpsons classic to life: the gummi Venus de Milo.

Back in a 1994 episode of The Simpsons, the intricately carved candy got Homer into all sorts of trouble: he steals it from a museum, ultimately causing a massive explosion. Later, it gets stuck to the hot babysitter’s butt, and he has to pull it off. He ends up eating Springfield’s rarest gummi of them all, “carved by Gummi artisans who work exclusively in the medium of Gummi.”


But have no fear, Hargrove brought Venus back to life using concentrated gelatin and melon flavored Kool-aid, making her own mold out of food grade silicone.

Homer, keep your paws off this one!


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