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Someone Changed the Speed Limit Signs in Kensington Market

Kensington Market got little makeover.

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. All of the speed signs in Kensington Market have been altered. The Urban Repair Squad changed speed signs around the multicultural neighbourhood to say “Maximum 10”.

Kensington is pedestrian and bike-friendly, embracing the eco-friendly environment by closing down the streets to cars on the last Sunday of every month.

The URS, is an organization encourages bicycling and a more positive future for urban transportation. Their mission statement reads, To employ the concept of Critical Mass; encouraging cyclists to bond together and more safely take back their rightful place on the public roadways.

The meaning behind this particular intervention was revealed in a note posted by the group, explaining they’re trying to protect cars who unwittingly try to drive 40 kilometres per hour through Kensington’s busy streets.

The note reads,

“Our posting of 10 km/h is merely a harm reduction measure meant to normalize what has already come to be. Perhaps one day many chain grocery stores, clone hipster bars and big business pot dealers will finally board up the rag tag ma and pa shops of this smelly cyst on the carscape of Toronto. Until then, you have been warned.”

Sounds like they’re not backing down.

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