Someone Ditched Their Car in the Union Streetcar Tunnel This Weekend

How does this keep happening

Some people never learn.

Shortly after 4 a.m. on Sunday this past weekend police were called to investigate and remove a car that was stuck inside the streetcar tunnel at Union Station. When they arrived, the found a grey Ford SUV with no driver and the car’s plates removed.

As a crew worked on removing the vehicle, both 509 and 510 streetcars had to divert back away from the Union tunnel. Shuttle busses had to deployed between Queen and Union.

Since 2014 approximately 20 vehicles have driven down the streetcar entrance and got stuck. The city even installed new lights, signage and rumble strips after a crane was required to pull one driver’s car out in February.

As for the car’s owner who fled in this case, police say “there are all kinds of numbers on the vehicle, so we will find the owner eventually.”

“It’s a mystery to us as to how this happens, given all the lights, signage and rumble strips,” TTC director of communicationss Brad Ross said. “If that doesn’t stop them, driving on the raised tracks, the noise, the sparks, should be an indication that something is not right.”