Someone got a $100 bill by answering this old rotary phone on the streets of Bloordale

A Toronto resident installed a mysterious rotary phone on Bloor Street

A Toronto resident installed an old rotary phone on Bloor Street West in the hopes that people would call the number, and someone walking by would pick it up and have a conversation with that random stranger. Earlier this week, when Michael Winter was walking by the mysterious Bloordale phone, he was rewarded with a $100 bill for picking it up.

According to his tweets, as Winter was walking by the peculiar old telephone it rang, so he picked up. A woman was on the other end of the phone, and she asked Winter if he could see a blue payphone box ten feet away from him, to which he replied yes.

Once he had the blue payphone in sight, the woman informed him that inside the change-return slot, he would find a US one hundred dollar bill. He checked the blue payphone and low and behold, there was a crumpled $100 bill inside.

As he studied the bill, which he was not familiar with, the rotary phone rang again. Upon answering, the woman asked “Did you find it?” When Winter told her that he had, he asked what he should do next. “Go buy yourself a nice bottle of wine,” she responded.

According to the phone’s Twitter account, the owner of the phone spoke with the people who left the bill, and they had done the same thing several times yesterday. Looks like it might be worth checking out the peculiar black phone on Bloor Street after all.

If you’d like to have a chat with a stranger on the streets of Bloordale, give 647-483-6060 a call.
Lead photo courtesy of Michael Winter.