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Someone Is Dumping Slime on Bikes Near Ossington and Dupont

So apparently somebody has been targeting bicycles parked to a specific pole on Burnfield Avenue (near Ossington and Dupont) by covering them some kind of thick greasy slime. Neighbors have even had to put up a sign warning cyclists to park there at their own risk:

“It has come to our attention that the person who lives here may have lost a loved one in a bike-parking incident. Either that or he/she is a ghostbuster. Either way, if you park here it is liable to get SLIMED. Signed, your friendly neighbourhood messenger, with love for all past-slimed bicycles.”

Jack Lakey of the Toronto Star interviewed one of the victims of such a sliming who after a night at a friend’s place returned to find their bike “covered with thick grease” that “looked like caramel.”

According to a neighbor, the parked bikes can sometimes make it difficult for cars to enter the alleyway beside the pole, and that bikes parked there have been hit and damaged by the slimer’s car as well. The image of the spot on Google Maps shows what’s up, and you can see that the warning sign was up as early as last September:


Apparently if you have a problem, you can literally just throw slime on it and it’ll go away. Cool!

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