Someone Is Renting Out an Unfinished Basement for $500 A Month in Toronto

Toronto, we need to talk

Just when you think the Toronto housing market has hit a new low (or high I should say), someone finds a way to bring it down another notch or two.

Someone has posted a rental listing in the Bloor / Junction area for an unfinished basement for $500 a month. Included in basement is a 98-square foot living space, a private bathroom and sink/laundry tub and close access to the subway. The kicker? Part of the rental agreement is that the tenant finish the basement yourselves.

The ad reads: “looking for someone to frame, sound proof, drywall, mud, paint, install sub floor and flooring.” The ad also has no mention of a kitchen, which I assume you’d have to build yourself.

In fairness, the landlord said they would pay for all the materials, but as Redditors were quick to point out, that kind of labour isn’t cheap by any means.

Apparently all you have to do for affordable rent in the city is pull yourself up by the bootstraps, quit your day job and build your own apartment.