Someone Offered to Buy 18 Armoured Vests For Toronto Police Dogs

Corporate Donor Offers $22,000 For Canine's Protective Vests

An anonymous donor expressed their concern for the safety of Toronto police dogs, and is offering to buy 18 armoured vest for the canines. The offer, which is being considered on Thursday by the Toronto Police Services Board, accumulates to over $22,000.

Back in 2015, police dog Lonca, was slashed when chasing a suspect who was in possession of a machete. In 2013, police dog Quanto was killed on the job after being stabbed several times by a suspect. The hope is that the vests will be approved so that incidents like this are prevented in the future.

Spokesperson for the Toronto Police Dog Services, Sgt. James Hung, says, “I am very grateful and I am very thankful that someone thought that the protection and care of our dogs is a priority.”

Currently, the 33 canines on the Toronto Police services are trained to wear collars and harnesses, so the three pound vests would be an adjustment for them. Still, most officers feel the effort would be worth protecting the dogs.

The vests that would be used are K9 Streetfighter vests, coming from a company in Edmonton. They have different inserts capable of protecting the canines from handgun rounds and knife threats. Each vest costs roughly $1,240. If the offer is approved, they will arrive within six to eight weeks.