Songs From the Bedroom

Talent doesn't always need fancy studios

Your band would totally be huge if only you had the money to record an EP right? These 7 artists took it upon themselves and recorded their albums in their bedroom.

Milky Chance, Sadnecessary
Milky Chance recorded their debut album Sadnecessay in singer Clemens Rehbein’s childhood bedroom, with nothing other than a Macbook, some music software, a guitar and microphone.


Grimes, Visions
Grimes made Visions over a three week period. She cut herself off completely from the outside world by locking herself in her room and blacking out the windows.


Tame Impala Lonerism
Kevin Parker recorded parts of Lonerism all over the world while on tour, but for the most part it was done at his home in Perth. He rented a house with two other people and one of the bedrooms, where he set up a studio, was paid for with the money Tame Impala made from playing festivals.


The Black Keys, The Big Come Up & Thickfreakness
The Black Keys debut album The Big Come Up and sophomore Thickfreakness were recorded in Patrick Carney’s basement on an 8-track tape recorder. The second one came from one 14 hour session.


Iron & Wine, The Creek Drank the Cradle
Sam Beam intended Iron and Wine’s debut The Creek Drank the Cradle to be demos that would later be redone. He recorded the songs at home and gave them to Calexico in hopes that they would be his rhythm section. That never happened and the demos were released as his debut album.


Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago
Justin Vernon famously wrote his album For Emma, Forever Ago after deciding to hibernate at a remote Wisconsin cabin for three months. For the most part, it was recorded with a few microphones and some old recording equipment.


Beck, Odelay
Beck made many of his biggest songs with producers The Dust Brothers and Odelay was the first time they worked together. He wrote and recorded it in their home on an old version of Pro Tools.