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Sonic Youth share ‘In & Out,’ announce rarities album ‘In/Out/In’

Sonic Youth have shared “In & Out” from their freshly announced rarities album, In/Out/In

In/Out/In is a compilation of previously unreleased material that Sonic Youth recorded from 2000 to 2010. The songs from the rarities album were recorded in a whole slew of different locations. Where “Basement Contender” and “Machine” were recorded in the band’s rehearsal room in Northampton, Massachusetts during The Eternal sessions, “Out & In” was recorded in Echo Canyon with Jim O’Rourke. Today’s release, “In & Out,” was recorded in Pomona, California and Echo Canyon, New Jersey.

“‘In & Out’ was caught in such a situation – during soundcheck in Pomona, CA at the Fox Theatre in 2010 – Kim and I were waiting for our bandmates to arrive and our linechecks turned into a jam session turned into recording a basic track,” the band’s Steve Shelley explains. “Recorded surreptitiously by long-time SY engineer Aaron Mullan and tucked away for guitar overdubs later in 2010, and then submitted to Cory Rayborn for his Three Lobed multi-artist box set ‘Not The Space You Know, But Between Them.’ The two SY songs that debuted and were exclusively available on that box set are now available in one standalone collection – In/Out/In – plus three (mostly) instrumental Sonic Youth jammers from 2000-2010.”

Listen to “In & Out” below.


More about the Sonic Youth rarities album:

“When you’re in the middle of a tour and all of the musical cylinders (musicians, crew + equipment) are warmed up and firing on 10, and if the room/theater/venue and its acoustics allow, you can sometimes catch magic or maybe a basic track,” Shelley says. “This magic/music/inspiration doesn’t always occur when you’d like it to show up (you know, during the show!) -however, it sometimes can be caught in small unspoken moments during soundcheck when you least expect it.”

Both Sonic Youth tracks “In & Out” and “Out & In” were originally exclusively available on a 2011 Three Lobed box set. Titled Not the Spaces You Know, But Between Them, which featured various artists, including Sonic Youth.

The five-track collection is set for release on March 18th, 2022. Check out the album’s tracklist below.

In/Out/In Tracklist:

01 – “Basement Contender”
02 – “In & Out”
03 – “Machine”
04 – “Social Static”
05 – “Out & In”

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