Sony is releasing a modern Walkman to mark the device’s 40th anniversary

The 'tape' is actually a 3.6-inch display

Sony is releasing a limited edition Walkman to celebrate the device’s 40th anniversary, but it adds in some new technology.

While the new NW-A100TPS, which was revealed at the IFA 2019 Trade Show in Berlin, may look like an original Walkman, if you open the cover, the tape is actually a 3.6-inch display. The new digital device can hold thousands of songs, and even features a whopping 26-hour battery life.

The new Android-powered Walkman, which has 16GB of storage, features an S-Master HX digital amplifier to deliver high-resolution audio, but it also has a vinyl processor that lets tracks sound as though they’re being spun on a turntable.

Check out the limited edition Walkman below.