Sony Might Be Teasing A New Crash Bandicoot Game

Where are you Crash?

Where are you Crash Bandicoot? Please don’t toy with our hearts Sony.

There has been speculation that Sony could possibly be teasing a new Crash Bandicoot game for Playstation 4.

The last time the game was in the hands of the original developer, Naughty Dog, was in 1999 when Crash Team Racing was released.

Playstation’s Mid East Twitter account posted the image that has all of us nerds worked up. The tweet translates to, “Most Wanted: Where Are You Crash?”

Perhaps Sony tweeted this to see how much interest a new release would spark. Whatever their plan is they would have to collaborate or buy the game from Activision who now owns the rights to Crash Bandicoot.

Photo courtesy of TechnoBuffalo