Sound Academy is Getting a Mega Night Club Complex Makeover

The pride of the Toronto Portlands is getting another facelift

No longer are the nights of minimal TTC coverage and pricey cab rides to Toronto’s most loved-to-hate venue the Sound Academy.

The venue will be getting a “complete remodel” which includes “major structural work” according to a press release by INK Entertainment. Come January, the Sound Academy will be closing its doors for the last time as a standalone concert venue. It will reopen later in the year as a multi-level, club complex, with “a fashionable black and gold colour scheme, high-gloss contemporary surfaces, unusual animalistic and vegetal patterns, and subversive graphics,” according to the statement.

Studio Munge, the design studio behind Sound Academy’s remodeling says the new complex will aim for “new heights of hedonism.” New additions to the venue will include an outdoor lounge, more booths, multiple bars, a private backstage area plus an improved view of the city skyline.


(Photo courtesy INK Entertainment)

Earlier this year the Sound Academy closed their doors for renovations. Shortly after that, Interpol let it slip that the venue might be closing its doors for good. The venue was reopened after a few short months, but Interpol’s accidental “prediction” just came true.

This is the second venue in the area that’s undergoing renovations, after the Kool Haus / Guvernment was shut down for a similar night-club makeover.

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