Sound Academy is Temporarily Closing

Many would agree the venue was due for an overhaul

Interpol didn’t mean to open the floodgates. Remember when their tour bus got stuck in the snow in November, and they had to reschedule their Toronto show? They took to their website to assure us that they would return soon, and posted this message:

“We will soon announce another Toronto show, but due to the closing of Kool Haus and Sound Academy, it will be at a different venue.”

Wait, Sound Academy closing? That was news to Torontonians – and we’re also losing Guvernment/Kool Haus this weekend. But, instead of a violent outrage, people tweeted relief and expressed gratitude, calling the 2,000 – 2,500 person venue out for its bad sight lines and subpar acoustics.

Collective Concerts took to their Facebook page to clear up the confusion:

“Hey everyone – just to be clear: The Sound Academy is only closing temporarily for improvements and won’t be open for these TBA dates, nothing permanent!”

Finally, the Sound Academy’s ambiance will match the talent it attracts. We hope.