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Special limited edition vinyl of The Raconteurs’ ‘Help Us Stranger’ includes Beatles tribute

After releasing Help Us Stranger, their first new album in 11 years, The Raconteurs stealthily slipped a Beatles tribute into a special edition vinyl release of the album through Third Man Records’ Vault subscription service.

The limited edition vinyl came with a special moving lenticular cover, which fans have played with to reveal a hidden tribute to The Beatles. On Reddit, fans revealed that if you peel back the glued-on cover of Help Us Stranger, you’ll see The Raconteurs posed in the Beatles’ renowned cover for Yesterday and Today, smiling alongside dismembered dolls and bloody meat.

Check out the tribute below.

The Raconteurs put Beatles’ tribute album cover in limited-editions of Help Us Stranger vinyl from r/jackwhite

Here’s the album cover from the vault after you peel off the lenticular cover from r/jackwhite

Are you going to peel? from r/jackwhite

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