Spoon Solves “R.I.P” Mystery + Shares New Single “Rent I Pay”

It's June 10 & Spoon finally gives us answers about "R.I.P." teaser photo

On May 27, Spoon teased us on Facebook and Twitter with a strange promo picture reading nothing but “Spoon, R.I.P., June 10.” Speculation about the band potentially breaking up was rampant, while many other fans believed it to be the new album or song title set to be released on that date.

Spoon RIP 754

Well, today is June 10 and they’ve given us an answer. Spoon’s R.I.P. teaser was a peak at their new single, titled “Rent I Pay.” Clever Spoon, very clever.

“Rent I Pay” is the first single off their upcoming album They Want My Soul out on August 5 via Loma Vista. You can listen to it down below.