Spotify employees to work from home amid coronavirus outbreak

Employees must stay home for two weeks

Spotify has implemented a two-week work-from-home policy for all of its employees as a preventative measure against the coronavirus outbreak.

Daniel Ek, the CEO and founder of Spotify, tweeted out that all employees have been requested to work from home in order to “delay the spread of the virus.” Spotify’s headquarters are located in Sweden, so it’s unclear whether the request applies to all offices worldwide. There are currently 477 cases of coronarivus in Sweden, according to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

The translation of the tweet reads:

“I have asked Spotify employees to work from home for the next two weeks due to the increased risk of COVID-19. We all have an obligation to delay the spread of the virus and thus the expected pressure on our healthcare system. I hope other companies in Sweden will follow suit.”

Lead photo courtesy of Erik Stattin.