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Spotify set to ‘personalize’ editorial playlists with customized versions based on users’ listening history

Spotify is in the process of revamping its Spotify for Artists platform and the way playlists are delivered to users. Today, the music streaming giant announced two major changes.

First off, editorial playlists will now be partially based on algorithms so that the song placements are “personalized” for users, which means that, for certain playlists, no two versions delivered to different listeners will be the same. In particular, Spotify is hoping to focus on mood and event playlists, like “making dinner” or “working out” playlists, which means that only Spotify’s playlists will be affected by this new implementation.

Artists will be able to tell which of their playlist adds are based on algorithms, and which are curated by humans.

The second new implementation revolves around Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics, which will now offer artists unique hyperlinks when their songs are added to these algorithmic editorial playlists, where their song will be placed at the top of the playlist so that fans don’t have to scroll to find an artist’s track.

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