Squamish Valley Music Festival Has Been Cancelled

It is unclear if the festival is cancelled for good

Bad news for Canadian Festival go-ers, Squamish Valley Music Festival in B.C. has been cancelled.

A statement on the official website reads:

“We have made the extremely difficult decision to not proceed with the 2016 festival, due to take place in August. This decision was not made lightly and we sincerely apologize to all the people this decision affects: the fans, artists, industry partners, corporate partners, suppliers and all of our supporters within the community of Squamish.”

Last year’s lineup included performances from popular artists such as Drake, Sam Smith, Mumford & Sons and Alabama Shakes.

According to an article written by The Globe and Mail, “numerous Canadian festival and concert promoters” told them that the huge gap between the American and Canadian dollar is “an enormous concern this year.” Most artists charge U.S. dollars because they use American booking agents.

The Twitter handle for the festival has been deleted and parts of the website have disappeared. It is unclear if the festival will be cancelled for good or only for 2016.

Photo courtesy Sheng Ho via Flickr