St. Vincent moonlit as a waitress at a taco joint this weekend

The coolest waitress in town

Lucky Texan taco enthusiasts might have been served by Annie Clark over the weekend as she moonlit as a waitress at her sisters newly opened Mexican restaurant.

St. Vincent flew into Dallas and when she arrived at Resident Taqueria, a feeling of family duty stepped in and she picked up a towel and got to work.

“I had just flown in and went to the restaurant to hang out and see what the vibe was like. When it started getting busy, it was just a case of, we saw tables that needed to be cleared, so I got a towel, and got to work. Amy and I are both pretty Type-A, get-it-done people. In addition to now owning a restaurant, [Amy] has a whole other career as a high-powered sales executive. I dislike disorder; it would’ve been egregious to just sit there when it was so busy.”

Clark describes herself as a “terrible waitress” and goes on to reveal that she’s been fired from every job she’s ever had – besides being a musician.

Pro tip from Annie: “Turns out that if you hide a margarita in the back while bussing tables and bringing out tacos, you can sneak a sip here and there. I was having a great time.”

Hello, Dallas!!!! @residenttaqueria

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