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Watch: Star Wars Knights of the Eternal Throne’s Trailer Be The Franchise’s Best Video Yet

While many of us are still waiting for our brains to turn on after a long weekend of turkey, red wine and uncomfortable conversations about Donald Trump at the dinner table, the Star Wars franchise went out and shared a new video to help get those brain cells tingling.

Lucasfilm and Electronic Arts are releasing a new Star Wars digital expansion, called Knights of the Eternal Throne this December, and have shared a mind-blowing trailer to get fans excited. It’s a six-minute clip that sets up the story of a child, strong in the force, who becomes seduced by the Dark Side.

It just might be the most interesting storyline Star Wars has developed in recent years (not knocking Force Awakens), though we anticipate that will change with the forthcoming Rogue One blockbuster. Star Wars The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne will be available for free December 2nd.

Watch the clip entitled “Betrayed” below and see for yourself:

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