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Stars – “Pretenders” | Indie88 Live Sessions

Earlier this year, Montreal indie veterans Stars announced their upcoming new album From Capelton Hill. Out May 27th on Last Gang Records, the album is the band’s first record in five years. They have already shared two singles from the upcoming record, including “Pretenders.” They performed the new track for Indie88’s Live Sessions series.

Since forming in 2000, Stars have spent their career establishing themselves as one of Canada’s most beloved indie rock bands. And with over twenty years together, the band has a lot of history to reflect on. They’ve reached a chapter in their story where an inevitable question arises: When will all of this end?

From Capelton Hill takes its name from an area around North Hatley, Quebec. Stars vocalist Torquil Campbell’s grandfather built homes there in the late 1800s.

“I guess what From Capelton Hill means to me is from memory, from the past, from a place that seems permanent but isn’t. And I think that that sense of impermanence is a big part of what’s in the record: realizing that things don’t last forever. And that even the things that I thought would be there forever aren’t going to be,” says Campbell. “Capelton Hill is a place where things in my mind, in my life, they’ve never changed. And yet it will go.”

Millan wrote “Pretenders” as a love letter to Campbell and her memories of the band’s early days. “When we wrote all those songs 20 years ago, we were young,” says Millan. “That’s what being in a band is: you’re putting down your chips on feeling young and being young. It doesn’t necessarily work out because time does its thing.”

“What I love about the album,” Millan continues, “is that we’re chasing the truth of the matter rather than chasing a hook. We’re just telling the truth.”

“Close up the house for one more year. wave to the lake and drive away. That feeling in your chest, it isn’t fear. it’s just the passing of the day.”

Stars – “Snowy Owl”

We’ve got tons of amazing memories with Stars here at Indie88, including the time performed at our Power Party way back in 2014. They also joined us for our Hidden Studio Sessions series, a forest session at WayHome, and on the roof of the Thompson Hotel.

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