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Stars share new tracks ‘Build A Fire’ and ‘Patterns’

Montreal indie-pop outfit Stars have shared two new tracks, “Build A Fire” and “Patterns.”

The new singles come from Stars’ first album in five years, From Capelton Hill, out March 17th. “Build a Fire” is an upbeat track with dreamy acoustic guitars and pulsing percussion that’s sure to get you dancing.

“‘Build a Fire’ was written in a fever dream of COVID-19 paranoia and restlessneww, somewhere in the middle of last year,” Star’s Torquill Campbell explains. “I like it because it sounds like Happy Mondays and The Pet Shop Boys at the same time, which is something maybe only we can do? It’s about death. And running from it. As fast as you fucking can.”

Listen to “Build A Fire” below.

“Friendship is the only boat that will float you across the storm,” Amy Millan adds of “Patterns.” “With your friends you create the ethos to shield all that tomorrow will throw at you. Some Patterns can be changed. Some Patterns are sacred geometry and will never change. Only what loves will remain.”

Where “Build A Fire” is an upbeat anthem, “Patterns” is more of a downtempo ballad.

Listen to “Patterns” below.

From Capelton Hill marks Stars’ ninth studio album. Serving as the follow-up to 2017’s There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light, the album was recorded in the first half of 2020. Thematically, the record is about Stars, a group of people who have spent more than 20 years together who are faced with the question of when all of this will end.

In addition to “Build A Fire” and “Patterns,” From Capelton Hill features previously released singles “Pretenders” and “Snowy Owl.”

Check out the tracklist for From Capelton Hill below or pre-order it here.

From Capelton Hill Tracklist:

01 – “Palmistry”
02 – “Pretenders”
03 – “Patterns”
04 – “Back To THe End”
05 – “That Girl”
06 – “Build A Fire”
07 – “Capelton Hill”
08 – “Hoping”
09 – “To Feel What They Feel”
10 – “If I Never See London Again”
11 – “I Need The Light”
12 – “Snowy Owl”

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