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Stars’ Torquil Campbell and Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay share debut single as TFD

Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay and Stars’ Torquil Campbell have teamed up to form TFD (TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS), and they’ve shared their first single.

The new track, “The TFD,” is an atmospheric synth pop anthem. Throughout the song, Ramsay and Campbell declare “Death to fascists, death to men, death to politicians and the women who live with them.” With pulsing percussion, airy melodies, and silky vocals, this track is sure to get you dancing through the darkness.

“We wrote and recorded our first single, ‘The TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS’ in twenty minutes on the verandah of a rich woman’s house,” TFD explain. “We enjoy giving up, not giving up, adderall, oxytocin, kevin saunderson, pet shop boys, roisin murphy, paranoid london, thc, cbd, muscadet, anoraks, grey, blue, black, bizarre inc, john cale, sylvester, andre gide, the long nights, the quiet rooms, the alleyways, the silent winter, disclosure, fear of the dark, basements, cellophane and rope.”

Listen to “The TFD” below.

In their music, TFD are ready to hone in on the sounds of late 80s British pop.

“Enter TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS with their first song TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS created in TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS for an age of TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS,” the band’s bio reads. “Everything clouded, only the trunks of trees, the ground hard under three inches of dust. Two withered souls wander through a lengthening night, greying troubadour-types strapped to keytars, surrounded by fog and desperate for a sop of old hope. If there’s nothing left to lose it can only get better. It was beyond time for a band to form from the ashes of long-dead late-80s joy and now one has. BLEEP BLOOP ASSHOLES, IT’S TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS.”

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