Toronto’s Best Steak Dinners Under $25

Treat yo self

Unless you’ve got the cash to spend, paying upwards of $40 for a steak dinner isn’t always the most appealing thing, especially in a city full of amazing restaurants that serve up plates in the $10 range. For those times you feel like treating yourself to something check out these steak joints throughout the city that won’t break the bank:


The Tulip | 1606 Queen St. E.

Top Sirloin 12 oz, 21

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Located in the beaches, The Tulip is a “landmark diner known for steaks” and have been cooking to perfection since 1929. All menus include steak but the best bang for your buck here is all 12 ounces of that top sirloin for $21.

House on Parliament | 454 Parliament St.

Steak Frites, $24

This British pub on Parliament north of Gerrard has warm vibes and amazing food. If you can’t make it for the steak frites on the dinner menu, you can still do steak and eggs for brunch ($16).


Branca | 1727 Dundas St. W

8 oz. Skirt Steak, $24

Make your way down to Lansdowne and Dundas to check out this excusite Argentinian-inspired restaurant. You won’t regret trying this juicy skirt steak for $24.


Rio 40 | 1256 St. Clair Ave W

10oz. Grilled strip loin, $23

Undo a belt buckle or two at this Brazilian restaurant. With a ton of steaks offered under $25, you’re bound to bite into a juicy strip loin guilt-free.

Aft Kitchen & Bar | 686 Queen St. E

12 oz Flank Steak Frites | 22

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Craving a steak after the bar? Aft Kitchen & Bar is open until 2 a.m., providing delicious late night meat eats. Be sure to try their 12 oz flank steak, red chimichurri and frites (served medium rare).

Purple Onion | 2998 Dundas St. W

8 oz. Tenderloin Steak, $24

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This Junction casual dining spot is worth a trip out to the east end. The Purple Onion has a number of reasonably priced steak dinners under $25, as low as their 10 oz. Sirloin Steak ($17), and for the hungry hippos, try their 20 oz. porterhouse ($33) on for size.

The Lakeview | 1132 Dundas St. W

10 oz. New York Strip Loin, $21

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The Lakeview is not only loaded with delicious sandwiches and a homely brunch menu but also provides an affordable steak dinner. Where else can you get a steak dinner at 3:00 in the morning?

Image courtesy Branca Restaurant via Instagram