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Stealthy Raccoon Eats Breakfast In Toronto Home

Everyone knows raccoons are basically little burglars, but this ultra-sneaky little guy broke into a local home, ate their english muffins, and refused to leave.

On Tuesday night, Toronto-based wedding planner, Jenny Serwylo, had her kitchen raided by three masked thieves. Serwylo shared her horrific tale on both Reddit and Instagram and even included some photos of the crafty criminal.

Naturally, Serwylo grabbed a broom and did her best to shoo the raccoons outside. Two of them crawled through the window right away, but left their third accomplice behind. The raccoon in her pictures just continued to stare at her and munch on a couple of tasty english muffins while he waited for her to stop kicking up a fuss.

In an Instagram Story from the night of, the intruder tried to hide his bread from Serwylo as she reassured him she wouldn’t steal his english muffin as long as he left. Eventually the raccoon crawled out of the window after eating every crumb of bread in the kitchen. Poor little guy just wanted his daily dose of gluten.

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