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Step Aside Flat-Earthers, Donut Earth Theory Is Here!

We’ve All Heard Of Flat Theory…

I’ve often wondered… are “flat-earthers” being serious? Or is it all a joke and they know that they’re being absolutely ludicrous? If you’ve ever wondered the same, we now get to wonder the same thing about the donut earth theory. Yes, you heard that right: donut earth theory.

The flat earth model is an archaic and repeatedly disproven theory that the Earth is shaped like a disk. The idea itself appeared in ancient Greek philosophy; Pythagoras was the guy who came up with it in 6th century BC. However, it’s clearly false and has been debunked by science time and time again.

Why they go on testing and disproving these things is beyond me. Which is exactly the issue with the donut earth theory. Why do these credible scientists even waste time on things like the earth is a donut theory?

Say Hello To Donut Earth Theory

donut earth theory
Image: @realization_nation on Instagram

Donut earth theory, as is clear by its name, posits that the Earth is shaped like a donut.

The torus-shaped Earth ideas abound in very specific circles. The concept itself appeared (ironically) on FlatEarthSociety.org in 2008, and seemed to ‘take off’ from there. Or at least it took off in the way that any ridiculous theory does: conspiracy theorists adopt the idea, then other conspiracy theorists pick it up and post the sh*t out of it until it seems like a thing.

Come 2012, the community had a bit more to say about it. They came up with details, created videos, and even speculated how the movement of light makes the donut hole ‘unseeable’.

Creative? Absolutely. Credible? Not a chance.

What Do Donut-Earthers ‘Believe’ Anyways?

donut earth
Image: @xo.dough on Instagram

Donut earth subscribers believe that there’s a huge hole in the planet. They hypothesize that because “light bends and follows the curvature of the torus” the hole, as a result, is ‘unseeable’.

The person who came up with these explanations, a Flat Earth Society trailblazer named Varaug fleshed the idea out in detail. Because of this, he came up with the further idea that gravity moves towards the centre of the donut, or as he says: “closer to the jam”. Yes, people, this is a real thing. Or at least the internet has made it real.

Makes me wonder if this guy is just laugh-crying nerd-tears in some nerd-nest somewhere, making fun of the people who think he’s actually serious.

Is There Any Semblance Of Scientific Validity To The Theory (Spoiler Alert: There’s Not)

donut earth theory
Image: @stem_on_command on Instagram

Not surprisingly, there’s not a single bit of validity to the donut earth theory. Despite the popularity of the concept in 2016, scientists maintain that the theory “doesn’t start off with a question that we need to answer”. Dr. Tabetha Boyajian is a famous and highly credible astrophysicist, and she said that the theory fails to create consistent terms to even discuss a hypothesis.

In other words, even with benefit of the doubt, donut earth theory… falls flat.

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