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Watch the Terrifying New Trailer for Reboot of Stephen King’s ‘It’

The new trailer for Andres Muschietti’s remake of It is finally here, and it’s as creepy as ever. The trailer kicks off with an ode to the original film as we see Georgie chasing his paper boat towards a sewer gate. If you’ve read Stephen King’s novel or watched the original Tim Curry-starred film, we all know how that turns out.

Another point to be made is that most of the movie was filmed in Toronto, Oshawa and Port Hope. If you live in Oshawa, you may have noticed the creepy haunted house that was built on the corner of James St. and Eulalie Ave. You can see this house in action in the new trailer, as well as shots of Port Hope, which was temporarily transformed into the fictional town of Derry.

We also see Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier, which is fitting considering this is a film about a gang of kids being terrorized by a neighbourhood monster.

Watch the trailer below.

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