Stephen Malkmus admits that another Pavement reunion is ‘realistic’

Could a 30th anniversary reunion be on its way?

Stephen Malkmus, who co-founded indie rock band Pavement with Scott Kannberg in 1989, has teased that the chances of another Pavement reunion are “realistic.”

Pavement broke up following their 1999 album Terror Twilight and later reunited for a tour in 2010. In an interview with Italian podcast Radio Cittá Del Capo two years ago, Kannberg mentioned the possibility of getting back together with the band in 2019 to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Now, in the latest episode of the podcast Rolling Stone Music Now, Malkmus has confirmed that it’s likely that Pavement will once again reunite. “Anything’s possible…if there’s interest, you know, that’s always a factor,” Malkmus explains. “If people are really psyched about it, I’d be psyched about it too. So we’ll see.”

Check out a preview of the podcast below.