Steven Avery Might Know Who Actually Killed Teresa Halbach

The framed man has an interesting theory himself

No doubt by now you’ve at least heard of Netflix’s incredibly popular docu-series Making A Murderer that came out over the holidays. If you’ve binged the entire thing then this post is for you. If not, close this window because there are some major spoilers ahead.


There’s been a lot of theories rolling around the internet from fans of the show, but as it turns out the most interesting (and likely) comes from Steven Avery himself.

The 10 hour long, painstaking series ended with Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey found guilty of the murder of Theresa Halbach. After watching the show, probably only Ken Kratz, Judge Patrick Willis and the handful of jurors who convicted would say he’s actually guilty, as the series leaves very little doubt of Avery’s innocence.

Among the myriad of shady suspects Making A Murderer shows on trial, the pair Avery suspects are his brothers Earl and Charles.

In a 2009 document obtained by TMZ, Steven Avery believes that his brothers are responsible for the crimes he is serving a life sentence for. To no surprise, Avery accounts that his brothers have a history of assaulting women. Even less surprising is that these details were kept out of the trial.

In one instance Charles was convicted of assault after he strangled his wife with a telephone cord as he held her down having sex with her. The document says he’s also had a long history of aggression towards many women who’ve come by the junkyard. One woman claims he continually showed up at his door asking her to go on dates after she purchased something at the yard. A similar situation happened to another woman, who says Charles kept calling her, sending her flowers and showing up at her door.

One woman said he drove by her house to spy on her repeatedly, one time calling her later to say that he saw her in a bathing suit. The shocking part? All of these instances happened within a one month period prior to Halbach’s murder.

As well, his other brother Earl plead no contest to sexually assaulting one of his daughters.

The motive, Avery says could have been jealousy over the multi-million dollar lawsuit he was filing, after he was wrongfully imprisoned for the rape of Penny Beerntsen. There was also a dispute between them at the time over the family business, which Avery says could have been another motive.

Want more of Making a Murderer? Check out the entire 4-hour long “confession” of Brendan Dassey below:

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