Stoner Sloth Campaign is Australia’s Laughable Anti-Weed Campaign


Look, drug addiction is a real problem and deserves to be talked about. And kudos to the Australian government for stepping up to launch their “Your Room” campaign, attempting to open the discussion for kids experimenting with dangerous substances at a young age.

That being said, let’s talk about their not-so-successful but hilarious, sub-campaign, “You’re Worse On Weed,” and its adorable mascot, Stoner Sloth.

Shown in a series of commercials funded by Australia’s New South Wales government, Stoner Sloth is depicted as Jason, Delilah and Dave, three sloths that are too high to perform normal activities. Watch the compilation in the player above.


Dave has trouble conversing with friends while “on Weed”, Delilah can’t figure out how to write a test, and Jason can’t even pass his family the freaking salt at the dinner table because he’s too “blazed.”


Look, from one Dave to another, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a social situation where I’ve been too uncomfortable to talk, — completely sober. So let’s not blow this whole thing out of proportion. But I digress.

NSW gov wanted this campaign to be taken seriously, but several posts to the Stoner Sloth’s Facebook page show that many people are confused to whether or not it’s a joke or not. Most find it hilarious either way.


Further backlash from the campaign’s target audience has even provoked parody accounts already, like this one below:

All videos and posts have been uploaded to a Tumblr account set up by the government sect, complete with cheesy gifs and embarrassing attempts at youthful slang.

Check out the compilation video in the player above and let us know what you think in the comments.