Stop Eating Kale and Eat Bacon Flavoured Seaweed Instead

Juicers, Farmer's Market Attendees, and Raw Food Enthusiasts Revolt!

A recent study has found that eating too much Kale might actually be poisonous – yes you read that right. Apparently Kale is better than most veggies at picking up soil from the ground and absorbing it, which leads to higher than desired levels of toxic heavy metal thallium. That can’t be good. This is obviously bad news for the kale-loving urbanite in your life. But fear not, help is on the way.

Scientists have come to rescue by developing a new super-food called Dulse, which is new strain of Seaweed with even greater health benefits than Kale. The best part is that well, yeah, it takes Bacon.

Who knows when this will be available for sale in your local market, but I say bye bye to awful-tasting Kale and hello to to bacon-flavoured new beginnings.