New Stranger Things Photo Released

A new cast photo reveals two new faces

With the season finale of Stranger Things leaving us in shambles, fans have been anxiously waiting for any new details that might shed light on what’s going down in Hawkins, Indiana.

A new “upside down” photo of season two’s cast has recently been released and reveals a few new faces: Sadie Dink and Dacre Montgomery.

In addition to the photo, there were casting calls held back in 2016 for new characters Max, Billy, and Roman. These characters will apparently be introduced to the new season, with Max being a 13-year-old girl and sister to Billy, and Roman being an older character.

Producer Shawn Levy has also discussed the show’s sociopolitical relevancy.

“We have always been a show about the marginalized, non-cookie cutter, people in fictional Hawkins, Indiana, and in many ways, we have always championed the kind of different,” he said at the Producers Guild Awards. “So it’s not a complete stretch to say that we’re leaning into that beat.”

Season two of Stranger Things will also be taking place in the year 1984, which may or may not allude to George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel of the same name.