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Where the Hell Were the Parents in ‘Stranger Things’?

No matter how successful or critically acclaimed, TV plot holes exist.

Take for example, the debate of the fourth child in American Horror Story season one, or the child zombie Sophia in season two of the Walking Dead — even the best of the best can’t weather-proof their story lines to absolute perfection.

In the beloved Netflix series Stranger Things, we’re forced to suspend our disbelief like any good sci-fi, monster themed storyline. But the one concept that sticks out is how bad the parents are, at you know…parenting. Take for example Barb and Mike’s parents who somehow have no idea that a child is living in their basement for the better part of a week.

However, as Saturday Night Live pointed out this week, what’s even more surprising is that Lucas (and Dustin’s) parents never once show up in the series (Will’s funeral aside) and force their kids to come home. If a child mysteriously disappeared and ended up face down in a lake in your town, would you let your kids play outside all day and night, — on a school day too? I guess the 80s were a different time in Indiana.

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