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The Strangest Musician Items That Have Ever Sold at Auction

The Purple One’s notorious cloud guitar sold at auction this Saturday for an astounding $137,500. Indianapolis Colts owner and music lover, Jim Irsay won the bid on the yellow, custom-made instrument that was donned by the late pop star at a number of live performances, videos and studio recordings.

On the scale of wacky celebrity auctions, this yellow guitar isn’t all that’s out there. That’s why we’ve put together a list compiling the craziest musician items ever bought by fans at auction. Take a look:

David Bowie’s Hair

david bowie 2
Sold for: $18,750 USD

When a Wax Museum employee in London took a lock of Bowie’s hair to create a wig to match his wax figurine, they inherited a small fortune. The employee framed the lock of hair and after 33 years, it just sold along side Prince’s above mentioned guitar in Los Angeles this weekend.


John Lennon’s Tooth

Sold for: $31,000 USD

Lennon gave his housekeeper his back molar as a gift for some strange reason. But hey, it turned out well for her. Talk about a sweet tooth!

Elvis Presley’s Soiled Underwear

Sold for: $8,000 USD

Sure this seems insane (and yes it totally is), but on the other hand, his bible sold for a cool $94,000. So $8000 isn’t really THAT much when you consider the price difference between the a holy book and his holey underwear.

Michael Jackson’s Burnt Hair

Sold for: $1600 USD

Remember back when MJ got a head full of fire back at that Pepsi commercial fiasco? Well the crispy remains of the late singers curls got a second life online when it sold for a modest $1600.


A lock of J Beebz Hair

Sold for: $40,668 USD (ARE YOU *$&#@! KIDDING ME?)

Hey, want to get really down on yourself? Picture this: this guy’s dead hair makes more money than the average Canadian (price above is in USD). Hell, I bet his eyelashes could rent a bachelor studio downtown. The good news, proceeds from his hair went to The Gentle Barn Foundation.

Justin Timberlake’s Half Eaten French Toast

Sold for: $1100 USD

Yeah, there’s not a whole lot to explain here. A 19-year old bought some french toast JT didn’t finish on a radio show for just over a grand. Who has that kind of disposable income? And I thought Denny’s was pricey.

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