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Stream: Alice Merton releases empowering, confident debut album ‘Mint’

Alice Merton has just released Mint, the perfect follow up to her hit 2016 single “No Roots.” The album is empowering and confident as Merton truly shines artistically, while remaining playful and fun.

The record infuses a touch of pop, rock, and indie simultaneously, with a balance of dance-along type beats in songs like “Lash Out” and energetic, guitar-centric rock tracks like “Learn to Live.” Merton has always come to play, after making her own record label when no one would sign her, and this album is another rendition of that fearless energy.

Stream Mint below.

Mint has the ability to showcase Merton’s unapologetic artistic vigor while encouraging her audience to pursue the same sort of fearless empowerment she indulges in every day. The opening lyrics of the album set the stage for her confident spunk as Merton belts, “They’ve got fire/ Well I’ve got lightning bolts.”

If you’re looking for an album that will energize you into a strong, powerful force to be reckoned with, this is the record for you.

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