Stream: Arkells release new stripped back album ‘Campfire Chords’

The Arkells have reworked some of their most beloved tracks

Arkells have shared Campfire Chords, a stripped back collection of 17 of their tracks in addition to their new single, “Quitting You.”

“We’ve never had time to make an ‘acoustic record’ because we were too busy playing shows and focusing on new music,” Arkells frontman Max Kerman explains. “But we also knew that they felt really good to play in a stripped back way. All of our big rock ‘n’ roll songs start with an acoustic or piano, so heading back to that place isn’t too much of a stretch. We wanted a healthy mix of our bigger songs and deep cuts. Songs that would be fun to listen to around the campfire, or in your backyard, or at the park.”

The only new song on the album, “Quitting You,” was inspired by the project as a whole, and is all about finding comfort in the people closest to you.

Stream Campfire Chords below.

“In 2020, we’ve mostly been playing for each other, but Campfire Chords is an opportunity to stay connected with our fans until we can see them in real-life again soon,” Kerman continues.”