Stream: Aurora drops new conceptual art-pop record ‘A Different Kind Of Human (Step II)’

The album follows 2018's 'Infections of a Different Kind (Step I)'

After dropping singles like “The River,” “Animal,” and “The Seed,” Aurora has released her dynamic, conceptual art-pop record, A Different Kind Of Human (Step II).

The new record is diverse and inspired, as the Norwegian pop star has truly grown into a dynamic, intriguing artist, with this new record brings a focus on tribal percussion and choral-like vocal techniques. As the tracks build, the album sees Aurora exploring elaborate issues about the ecological crisis and the dangers of capitalism, while Aurora sings punchy lyrics like, “There is a flaw in man-made matters/ But you are pure and we have to get you out of here.”

Stream A Different Kind Of Human (Step II) below.

When speaking of the difference between her last record, Infections of a Different Kind (Step I), and A Different Kind Of Human (Step II), Aurora told NME that, “this album has an even wider perspective than ‘Step One’ had. It’s more interior, dealing with our inner processes. ‘Step Two’ is quite broad and wide…I’m quite an emotional person with many moods. I never know how I might feel on any given day and the album is like that too: it’s quite angry, it’s quite happy, hopeful, sad and playful too.”