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Stream: Bombay Bicycle Club release first new album in six years ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’

Bombay Bicycle Club have officially made their return with their first new record in six years, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong.

The shimmering new album has a psychedelic air to it, but really leans into being a slightly electronic indie album. With strong songwriting and catchy hooks, frontman Jack Steadman’s vulnerable, poetic lyricism truly takes the lead through each and every track. With a newfound maturity, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong feels like Bombay Bicycle Club’s most elaborate, versatile album to date.

The record’s title track “seemed to encapsulate everything the album is about,” Steadman explains in a statement. “For my whole life, I haven’t been very good at expressing myself with words. The irony is that the song is about not wanting to write lyrics, but it has lyrics I’m really proud of. And after that, we realized a lot of the other songs had that theme, of music as a cathartic refuge.”

Stream Everything Else Has Gone Wrong below.

Lead photo courtesy of Josh Shinner.

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