Stream: Caribou drops ‘Suddenly Remixes’ featuring remixes from Toro Y Moi, Four Tet, more

He also shared a video for the Toro Y Moi remix of 'Home'

Producer Dan Snaith has shared his new Suddenly Remixes album alongside a video for Toro y Moi’s remix of “Home.”

The new collection features remixes from some renowned acts like Four Tet, Floating Points, Toro y Moi, Jessy Lanza, Logic1000, Koreless, Floating Points, and more.

“Chaz is an incredible musician fluent in seemingly every musical vocabulary but with a sensibility all his own,” Snaith explained of Toro y Moi’s mix. “His remix is like an Alexander Calder mobile or a Kandinsky painting where the musical geometries of the original song circle each other in space.”

Stream Suddenly Remixes and watch the video for Toro y Moi’s remix of “Home” below.

“When I first heard the mix I was taken aback – he’s pulled the song apart, laid all the bits on the floor and made a minimalist sculpture out of little wiggly pieces,” directed Richard Kenworthy explains of the clip. “So similarly I want to strip this right back and focus on minute details by making a sort of scratch film – the kind of animation which got me interested in animation in the first place. The idea is that each day I would isolate a tiny fragment of the song and hand animate some little doodles by scratching into black. No preconceived end goal, just whatever occurs to me daily, so it has an improvised, freewheeling, dreamlike and fragmented quality. Just little weird detials and evaporating thoughts. Little fleeting sketches.”