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Stream: Charlotte Cardin shares nuanced, explosive debut album ‘Phoenix’

Charlotte Cardin has released her long-awaited and highly-anticipated new album, Phoenix.

Opening with the R&B-influenced sounds on the album’s title track, Cardin sets the tone for her album, weaving in and out of her chest and head voice as she sings lines like, “Take a second to show me/ How to burn and to rise/ I could swear I’m changing.” From the catchy alt-pop anthem “Passive Aggressive” to the wailing, explosive ballad “Meaningless,” Cardin’s debut album doesn’t feel like a debut at all, it’s far more finessed and nuanced than a first album.

“I have always been torn between my true desires and what I choose to present to the world,” Cardin explains. “This conflict of will has gotten me to feel very empty at a young age and is still something I struggle with. Making this album took two years, because I started the writing process trying to keep control over what I wanted to show. It eventually became obvious, though, that I needed to embrace accessing those true impulses for my music (and my life) to make any sense whatsoever. The more I realized certain things about myself in the process, the angrier I got for not understanding them earlier. This conflicting loop of shame versus growth gave birth to Phoenix.”

Stream Phoenix below.

While Phoenix still calls back to the sounds on her previous EPs Main Girl and Big Boy, it sees Cardin exploding into a powerful, genre-bending sonic landscape, delivering R&B anthems with an alt-pop sensibility.

Ultimately, Cardin’s vocals stand at the forefront of this effort, as she offers up a powerful control with ease, knowing when to pull her vocals back and the perfect time to wail and really give it her all.

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