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Stream: Claud sings of queer love, self-discovery, and growing up on new bedroom pop album ‘Super Monster’

Claud, the first artist signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records, has shared their debut album Super Monster.

The stunning 13-track collection is all about self-discovery, as Claud sings of queer love and growing up. The clever, insightful tunes are a true-to-life exploration of the messy process of finding yourself. Most of the tracks look at different stages of relationships, from early crushes to devastating heartbreak, but as Claud looks at these themes, they take the listener on their own journey of self-discovery.

Atop vibrant pop tunes, these tracks come packed with visceral, extremely self-aware lyrics, with an unmatched sense of tenderness and relatability for the listener. From the dreamy pop yearning of “Cuff Your Jeans” to struggling to let people in on “Guard Down,” Claud is about to take you on a nuanced journey as you reflect on your own youth and heartache.

Stream Super Monster below.

The tracks “detailed the phases of only two or three relationships, simply written during them or at various points after they were over,” Claud explains. “I’d write about how I felt in the moment, then two months later, a year later. My perspective evolved during one relationship with the same person. I changed so much that it feels like a different person writing some of these songs – but it’s just me.”

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