Stream: Daniel Caesar drops new album ‘CASE STUDY 01’ featuring Pharrell, Brandy, Sean Leon, more

The follow-up to 2017's 'Freudian' is here

Daniel Caesar has made his return with a new album titled CASE STUDY 01, and it features Pharrell, Brandy, Sean Leon, and more.

The 10-track collection marks Caesar’s first lengthy release since 2017’s Freudian, and according to a statement, it comes after a time in Caesar’s life where he was deeply struggling with depression, and was forced to confront his own mortality. “Everything dies, everything changes – I had to embrace that,” Caesar explains. “To not be so scared of failure.”

The new record comes packed with smooth, slow grooves that hit hard. Listening to CASE STUDY 01 feels like a cathartic experience, with vulnerable, analytical lyrics that explore spirituality, life, and death atop killer instrumental lines that are sure to get you grooving.

Stream CASE STUDY 01 below.

Lead photo courtesy of Keavan J. Yazdani.