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Stream: Deerhunter release nostalgic vintage-style album, ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’

Deerhunter have just released a pop-infused nostalgic vintage-style record, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?, featuring previously released singles “Death in Midsummer,” “Element,” and “Plains.”

The album sees a partially softly sprawling, yet partially hostile and anxious theme, almost combining their previous studio records into one. The record is a perfect isolation of modern loneliness, while simultaneously seeking out a sort of confirmation in others. “Here is the vomit of the 20th century,” Bradford Cox wrote alongside the release.

Stream Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? below.

The band has really honed their craft on this album, combining the strongest themes from their previous pieces into one over-arching look into what it’s like to live in 2019. The lyrics are peculiarly honest, approached from an almost journalistic perspective as Cox explores encroaching themes of death, isolation, and bleak nostalgia.

You can catch Deerhunter performing their new tunes at the Danforth on February 21st, 2019.

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