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Stream Ellevator’s New Self-Titled EP

Hamilton-based outfit Ellevator have released their new self-titled EP via Arts & Crafts Records. You can stream the five-song record below.

The single “New Survival” is the lead track. Frontwoman Nabi Sue Bersche spoke to Indie88 about the song back in February.

“New Survival” is about “leaning into my weakness and letting go of an identity I had been building for so long,” Bersche said.

“I grew up with people telling me I was special. My knack for writing simple songs was put on a pedestal and treated like a superpower. I was taught that I was a conduit for an unseen force, chosen from the crowd to leave a mark on the world. That responsibility terrified me, and I spent a lot of years trying to live up to other people’s high-hopes. The pressure built up until it broke me, and early into adulthood I began to see myself for what I was: tender, weak, and nothing like the great master I thought I’d be. The song is about finding the person underneath all the noise and learning to live with them, even if I don’t always like them.”

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