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Stream Feist’s new album ‘Multitudes’

Canadian singer-songwriter Feist has unveiled her first full-length album since 2017’s Pleasure with the arrival of Multitudes.

Multitudes was produced by Robbie Lackritz and Mocky and came together after Feist gave birth to her daughter and the sudden death of her father.

Stream the album below.

“The last few years were such a period of confrontation for me, and perhaps it felt that way to some degree for everyone,” explains Feist. “We confronted ourselves as much as our relationships confronted us. It felt like our relational ecosystems were clearer than ever and so whatever was normally obscured – like a certain way of avoiding conflict or a certain way of talking around the subject – were thrust into an unavoidable light. It became a chance to find footing on more honest ground when the effort to maintain altitude actually took more effort than just handing ourselves over to the truth.”

In May, Feist will begin touring in support of Multitudes. There is a Toronto date set for May 18 at History.

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