Stream Future Peers’ new EP ‘I’m Sorry’

Release show set for Sneaky Dee's this Thursday, November 8

Toronto-based indie rock outfit Future Peers have just released their sophomore EP I’m Sorry. Shortly after releasing their debut album, producer Tom McFall (Stars, Bloc Party, Regina Spector) reached out to the band and expressed interest in working with them.

The result is I’m Sorry, which is a step forward in the progression of Future Peers. It takes the listener into a “world of pop hooks and avant-garde soundscapes coupled with driving guitar and lush synth lines.”

Stream the latest from Future Peers below.

“This was an unexpected opportunity, and it came at the perfect time because we had just been in the midsts of a writing period from which we had quite a few songs to work with,” the band told Indie88. “Tom flew across the ocean to realize these songs with us, it was a beautiful thing. Some of the bed tracks had been done at a cottage in Grey County, Ontario that we’ve grown fond of recording in while the rest were recorded at our studio in Toronto, Copper Sound Studio in Guelph and some of it was even recorded in a bedroom.

“Tom is such a talented and funny gentleman, we immediately clicked. He has a precise ear and we learned a lot about the intricacies of his process especially when it comes to arrangement and vocal production.”

Future Peers close out their Canadian tour on November 8th with a release party at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto. They will be joined by some incredible acts such as Stephen Carl O’Shea (You Say Party We Say Die), Keegan Powell (Chastity), Secret Sign and ZA (new project by Zoo Owl).